SICA·Hurun Global Art List 2020

Posted Date: 2020-12-21  

UK-born David Hockney, 83, most valuable artist in the world alive today, with sales of his works at auction last year of US$130.64 million, just ahead of Germany-born Gerhard Richter, 88, with US$130.57 million.


USA led with 15 of the Hurun Global Artists Top 50, ahead of China with 11 and the UK with 7. ‘Big Three Countries’ made up two thirds of artists.


7 of the Top 10 are from American and European countries, 2 are from Japan, and one is from China.


China-born calligrapher and painter Cui Ruzhuo, 76, with a total trunover of RMB 340 million yuan, comes in 10th.


11 Chinese Artists can be found in Top 50, which accounts for 22%. It is the same proportion as Chinese accounting for the world’s population. The other 10 artistis are Liu Ye, Huang Jiannan, Zhou Chunya, Fan Zeng, Len Jun, Zeng Fanzhi, Zhang Xiaogang, Zhu Yaokui, Liu Xiaodong and Jin Shangyi.


The sales of 6 of listed artists’ works all exceeded US$100 milion last year.


14 works of art sold for above US$10 million, led by Jeff Koons Rabbit, which sold for a new world record for a living artist at US$91 million.


7 of the world’s 50 most successful artists alive today are female, led by Yayoi Kusama of Japan. Three of the seven are from the UK.


7 are 50 or under, led by Jonas Wood of the US and Adrian Ghenie of Romania, both aged 43. Average age 68yrs.


Leading Authority on Global Wealth releases inaugural Hurun Global Art List in association with Shanghai art auction house SICA.


(18 December 2020, Shanghai) Coorperating with Shanghai International Commodity Auction Co., Ltd, the Hurun Research Institute today launched the SICA·Hurun Global Art List 2020, a ranking of the Top 50 Global artists alive today based on the sales of their works at public auction in the year ending 31 December 2019. This is the first year of the Hurun Global Art List.


At the conference, an agreement of strategic partnership was signed between Hurun and SICA, to promote the construction of Shanghai Cutural Highland and expand the discourse power of Shanghai in the world field of art jointly. More than 200 people including Mr. Chen Zhuofu, Member of the Standing Committee and Deputy Head of Huangpu District; Mr. Cai Hongsheng, President of Shanghai Federation of Commerce; Mr. Wu Zhengyang, Supervisory of Shanghai Federation of Industrial Economics; Mr. Wu Xingbao, Standing Vice President of Shanghai Federation of Commerce and other leaders from government and associations, all attended the conference.

Mr. Dai Peihua, Chairman of SICA made a speech.

Mr. Wu Zhengyang, Supervisory of Shanghai Federation of Industrial Economics made a speech.

SICA and Hurun jointly issued the Global Art List 2020.



A new agreement was signed.


The SICA·Hurun Global Art List 2020 comes in a ‘1+6’ format, led by a ranking of the world’s most successful artists alive today, together with six country rankings, including China, USA, UK & Ireland, Japan, India and Australia., a compiler of art statistics, provided the art auction data for non-China, whilst China data was from CAFA National Institute of Art and Cultural Policy.

Mr. Rupert Hoogewerf, Chairman and Chief Researcher of Hurun made a speech.


Mr. Rupert Hoogewerf said, “The Hurun Global Art List is targeted at those who have the ability to collect, but don’t know where to start. There are just under 50 million dollar millionaires in the world today, many of whom have not yet started collecting art. I hope this inaugural Hurun Global Art List can give them an entry point to understanding more about who the world’s best-selling living artists are.”

A forum about modern and contemporary art innovative development was held in the conference as well.


Shanghai International Commodity Auction Co., Ltd is the leading one in China comprehensive auction companies. Mr. Dai Peihua, President of SICA said, “Cooperating with Hurun, the release of Global Art List aims at further expand the discourse power of Shanghai in the international art market, construct a comprehensive functional system of art, and provide a comprehensive resources integration and service for our art clients in the future, based on the advantages of SICA’s brand, technology, flow and talents.”

Mr. Fan Yong, Dean of Asia Art Financial Business School made a speech.



Mr. Liao Liao, Chief Editor of National Art Magazine made a speech.

Mr. Yang Jianyong, Art Director of Hurun made a speech.

Mr. Zhao Chun, Curator of Shanghai Spring Art Museum made a speech.